Reasons for Stomach Postnatal Massage

A new mother will often feel myriad of emotion and stress in the early postpartum or postnatal period. This will result in panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Mothers experiencing depression may have trouble coping with daily activates or sleeping. The general rule of thumb is to get plenty of rest and stomach. The Post natal massage Singapore techniques will help to relax the whole body of the new mother. This whole body message is given for over 40 days after given the birth. It is advisable to call in for an expert hand to perform this message like an expert hired for a few hours or maybe the midwife who also specialize in this messaging technique.

The Benefits of Postnatal Message

Postpartum or Postnatal depressionbaby bump

Most of the new mother will experience the postnatal depression and in some case will last longer than the first few weeks of postpartum and may get worse with time. Studies show A postnatal stomach message from an expert hand will be beneficial for the treatment of postnatal depression.

Relax muscle tension

The new mother body will go through many stress during the pregnancy particularly the abdomen, the lower back and the hip. Adding to this stress the breastfeeding and baby care will further intensify the pain in the back and arm.

A message during this period will ease the sore spots and relaxes the muscle tension. An expert will be able to advise you about the message session depending upon the sheerness of the pain and stress

Reduces swelling and regulate

Hormones One of the major causes of Swelling after pregnancy is due to the increase in fluid volume in the body of the new mother and need to find a balance. Postnatal message in the stomach will trigger the tissue stimulation and lymphatic drainage which facilitate the secretion of the excess of fluids.

Swelling is also affected due to the hormonal imbalance, a message during this period will induce hormone regulation; reducing swelling and stress.

Improves lactationpregnancy massage

Every mom is capable of breastfeeding but still most of them find it challenging. Massaging is the best technique to relax new mother from stress and increase the prolactin level; a lactation hormones responsible for milk production in the mother.

A postnatal Massaging will also decrease the sodium level in the breast milk which will improve baby suckling, and also reduces the breast pain.

Better Sleep

Within few day of pregnancy, most mothers will begin to feel the effects of the sudden drop in estrogen. A massage will help you to cope with this baby blues and postnatal depression.

A new mother has to go through much stress during pregnancy and labour and delivery. It doesn’t stop here she will be further stressed out by the baby care.

New mothers should be pampered by a good massage which will help in relaxing her muscle and get a good sleep. Which is good for both, newborn baby and the mother.