Maintaining the Growth of Your Kid’s Teeth

Kid’s primary teeth will replace themselves after two to three years, and most of them will be permanent once the kid reaches the age of 11. And the latest stage of dental development, the wisdom teeth, will erupt between the ages of 17 to 28.

Their order of appearance affects the overall dental structure. Crooked and protruding teeth are one example of inadequate dental care during the childhood.

Here, we will learn the best ways to maintain our kid’s dental health, from what we can do at home, and what we must expect from the dentist.

Supervising the munchies

SugaryMunchies, like candy, biscuit, cookies, and chips are all culprits for tooth decay. You must know that there is an ecosystem of microorganisms in our mouth. Whenever there is too much sugar in there, the bacteria will thrive, and their number will cause health trouble.

The chain events result in the increase of mouth acidity, which later can erode teeth enamels. They are layers that protect tooth inner parts and make it appear white and glossy.

toothacheA prolonged condition of acid environment will damage the tooth severely. And at the latest stage, the tooth will decay, appear blackish, and smell horrid.

Encouraging a regular visit to a dentist

ClinicKids, somehow, will be afraid of dentists by default. Even if you believe you have never depicted visiting a dentist as a terrifying experience, your kid will be most likely to avoid it. But you must not worry.

If the visit is going to be his/her first time, make sure you look for a clinic that pays extra attention to children. The ones like Top rated dentists in Baton Rouge have testimonial videos on their site, from which you can get the brief picture of how they treat the patients. The first impression matters the most to your kids, and you would be better to tell the dentist about it too.

Promoting after meal brush

HygieneKids learn by example, and you cannot expect your kids to be hygiene if you do not practice healthy habits yourself. Every time you eat with your kids, ask them afterward to brush teeth together with you.

Before sleep, you must do the same too. But most of the time, kids will go straight to bed and neglect brushing. If the habit is persistent, you should be creative. There are educational videos that are specifically created to promote healthy habits for kids.

Or, you can buy a monster doll, or a toy, and associate it with mouth germs. You can create a narrative for the doll about how mouth ecosystem works. Add the story to your collection of bedtime stories, and it will not only help your kids to learn about oral hygiene but also about family bonding.