Intake Of Sugary beverages Associated With Weight Gain

Many carbonated soft drinks containing high sugar content are believed to be a significant contributing factor to obesity and overall weight gain.Studies show that the sugary drinks increase the risk of obesity and cutting back on them can help people control weight.For instance, a study on 120.000 men and women found out that people who increased their sugary drinks intake by at least 12 ounces per day gained an extra pound over a period of four years than those who did not change their intake.

Relationship between soft drinks and weight gain

thr65j768i7yyftrAn average can of sweetened soda, fruit punch or lemonade provides an average of 150 calories.These calories entirely come from sugar.The amount is significantly high, an equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar.If a person were to drink just one can every day and not cut back on the calories, he/she risks gaining 5 pounds over a period of one year.Instead, if you drink water in place of sugary sweetened beverages or fruit juices, there is a lower probability of a long-term weight gain.

Recent studies also indicate that sugary beverages have played a major role in increasing obesity whereas reducing their intake is strongly associated with less weight gain and good metabolism.A lot of studies have also delved into the possible links between soft drinks and weight.They consistently show that there is increased calorie intake associated with high consumption of sweetened beverages

  1. An analysis of 88 studies showed that the effects are stronger among women.
  2.  A groundbreaking research of 33,097 individuals indicated that among people with the generic predisposition for obesity those who took more sugary drinks are likely to be obese.Furthermore, the generic risk of obesity can be triggered tremendously by consuming sugary drinks.

There is enough evidence that convincingly shows that rising consumption of SSBs contribute to obesity so for adults and children to exercise better weight control it means they must consume less sweetened drinks.

How much sugar is contained in a soda and other beverages?

rg6576ytyrrthytjDrinks such as soda fall in the red drinks category and should be consumed sparingly.They have more than 12 grams of sugar in a single 12-ounce serving, an equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar.The best choice is the green category which essentially are the drinks that have little or no sugar added to them such as mineral water, tea or coffee. One soda has more sugar than you should consume in a single day.