Features Of The Best Atomizers

A high-quality atomizer is gauged by its ability to produce high amounts of vapor as well as a smooth and clean flavor. What most vapers are looking for in an atomizer is flavor hence flavor chasing, cloud chasing or tinkering that is provided by the coil build. Moreover, the best atomizers ensure that all content within the chambers is entirely un-vaped without giving a burnt taste. Therefore, the best features of the best atomizer should be designed in a way that the tank protects against combustion side effects. Therefore, the following functions are more profound when searching for the best herb atomizer;


Build quality

vape device Atomizers come in different builds and are made from a range of materials ranging from metallic, glass to plastics. However, the best-recommended atomizers are made of metallic or glass since they can sustain high heat needed to combust the herbs in the chamber fully. The stainless steel build gives a unique, attractive look to the tank of the atomizer while a glass tank allows the user to watch the flow of the vapor flow from the chamber through to the mouthpiece. Both metallic and glass build give an elegant style and last long when handled with proper care.

Chamber size

The size of the atomizer chamber gives more space to accommodate more herbs in the tank. This will ensure that the user does not need to make often refills which can be very annoying thereby ensuring longer vaping sessions. Additionally, the chamber size allows for full combustion of the herbs to ensure quality flavors and very clean vapors. Moreover, the portability of the atomizer is considerably influenced by the chamber size.

Heating technology

Atomizers come in different makes and are constituted of varying coil designs. These are single or dual coils that ensure better and faster heat production to fully burn the herbs uniforms for quality vapors. Moreover, a massive heat amount produced replaceable batteries ensure that the atomizer can last for longer periods without necessarily going off. Also, atomizers’ heating technology comes from metallic or ceramic coils which ensure that maximum heat produced is produced.

Ease of cleaning

atomizer tankThe atomizer tank should be very easy to clean since continued use may result in accumulation of residue. Therefore, a wider chamber makes it possible to clean with ease as compared to long narrow chambers. Hence, well-structured atomizers allow the user to clean their tanks ensuring that they achieve richer vapor as well as more vapors.