Reasons Why Swimming Is Good For Your Health

When you know the various health benefits you can derive from swimming, you would have no reasons to fear the water. Swimming provides people of all ages a whole range of health benefits, making the old feel younger and have better hair. Well the list is endless but let’s tackle some of the reasons why swimming is good for your health.

Importance of swimming to your health

Asthma and swimming

people on beachWhen you have asthma, please take up swimming. That moist air provides your lungs the chance to exercise in an asthma-friendly setting-which is bad. Proper breathing techniques and lung volume are among reasons why asthma symptoms disappear with a swimming workout. When you want your child and you to have a better quality life minus snoring, ER visits because of inability to breathe during allergy and cold seasons, and mouth breathing now is the time to take swimming lessons.

Control your weight

Swimming is among the most renowned calorie burners around. It’s ideal for keeping your weight problems in check. It’s hard to establish a number of calories you are burning when swimming: this relies on your intensity and physiology. But a general rule, for example, is that for every 10 minutes you do intense swimming, you can burn up to 150 calories. You swim freestyle and 100 calories are gone, while backstroke will do away with 80 calories. Sounds good.

Muscle tone improvements

When you think that swimming is just for recreation, consider a competitive swimmer and dolphin. Have you ever seen a fat competitive swimmer or a flabby dolphin? Swimming is among an ideal ways of increasing muscle tone and strength.

Heart healthy

Among the most vital muscles in the body is the heart. And swimming is an aerobic exercise and provides life-giving exercise to this important organ. It provides it the ability to pump more effectively which consequently leads to enhanced flow of blood. Aerobic exercises also have been proven to fight the body’s inflammatory responses which lead to heart disease.

No more cholesterol

men having fun on beachThe swimming’s aerobic power is going to raise HDL(good cholesterol levels). On the other hand, the LDL(the bad cholesterol levels) is going to be reduced. For every 1% increase in HDL, the dangers of heart disease will drop by 3.5%.

The thin layers of cells lining your arteries(endothelium) have some easier time in remaining flexible if you perform aerobic exercises, particularly if you swim. People in their 60s who do aerobic exercises or workouts have endothelium functions which are the same as to those in their 30s. Arteries contract and expand when you are swimming, keeping you fit and healthy.

So now you know that swimming is good for your health. These, among other reasons, should be strong enough to convince you to go swimming for your health.