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Being a part of one of the largest global student organizations has its benefits. Having Enactus on your CV looks great! Partner organisations understand the important role participation in Enactus has played in your personal development, and many even have an 'Are you part of Enactus?' check box on their applications. From recruiting booths to job offers and interviews, Enactus competitions are the link between the job market and university students. If those aren't enough reasons to join Enactus, here's seven more:

It's Exciting! There's never a dull moment in Enactus. Not only will you collaborate alongside highly energetic people, Enactus projects offer a variety of opportunities to explore new avenues

It's Flexible! We know you're busy. Enactus allows you to set the rules for your level of involvement with a minimum expected commitment of 4 hours per week, and allows you to choose activities that interest you

Connections! Enactus is part of an international organization sponsored by some of the world's top companies (e.g. John Lewis Partnership, Amazon UK, Tesco, Waitrose, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, Philips, KPMG, Aflac, Unilever) who heavily recruit Enactus students.

Leadership Opportunities! If you're looking to grow in new directions, Enactus offers a variety of leadership roles, whether it's leading a project, managing team resources, or simply sharing your ideas

Interviews are easy! Enactus gives you something to talk about so you're not sweating bullets in an interview. And if you need references, your teammates, partners, and alumni are more than willing to highlight your accomplishments.

Lifetime friendships! Ultimately, Enactus is all about you and your teammates. Prepare to be part of a great group of quality people, who you build long lasting relationships with through participating together in projects and social events. You will have a great network of contacts who will be there for you after university

You change lives! There is no other society that enables you to impact as many lives as deeply as Enactus does. That allows you to create your own projects, grow them from an idea to a world leading initiative helping individuals in your local and international communities

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